The Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation was established in 1988, and from that time has continued to support individuals, institutions and organizations committed to educational excellence and professional development.

The Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation is governed by an electored Board of Trustees.

Currently serving are:

  • Eugene V. Kokot, Trustee, President and Chair

  • M. Graham Coleman, Trustee and Vice President

  • Deborah Sole, Trustee and Secretary

  • Eric Rosenthal, Treasurer

  • Diana King, Founder, Former Trustee, President and Chair (in memoriam)

  • Charles J. Brucia, Former Trustee, Vice President and Treasurer (in memoriam)

  • Karen E. Kennedy, Chief Administrative Officer

The Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation
Student Scholarship program has been
no longer offers scholarships.

Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation
 P.O. Box 3450
New York, NY  10163