The Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation was established in 1988, and from that time has continued to support individuals, institutions and organizations committed to educational excellence and how to get fake id professional development.

The Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation is governed by an electored Board of Trustees.

Currently serving are:

  • Eugene V. Kokot, Trustee, President and Chair

  • M. Graham Coleman, Trustee and Vice President

  • Deborah Sole, Trustee and Secretary

  • Eric Rosenthal, Treasurer

  • Diana King, Founder, Former Trustee, President and Chair (in memoriam)

  • Charles J. Brucia, Former Trustee, Vice President and Treasurer (in memoriam)

  • Karen E. Kennedy, Chief Administrative Officer

The Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation
Student Scholarship program has been
no longer offers scholarships.

Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation
 P.O. Box 3450
New York, NY  10163